I do not react well to the feeling of overwhelm. My mind stats to race and I get flustered. A million things start racing around inside of my head and I can not organize them. Its crazy and then I react negatively to those around me.  It is so not their fault and  is not good .  I feel over whelmed a lot. More so now that I am older and getting healthier.   I am basically the only one who take care of our family problems and I could use a little more help and support some time.  My husband does the financial part but i do the rest. I need to learn how to breath and re focus on the positive. When I get overwhelmed I try to fix the things I can immediately and then I will prioritize the importance of the stuff.   I often tell my family members that I need a minute but that is so not fair to them but it is the only way I can re focus .  Often times i will actually leave the house to calm down. Sometimes I procrastinate on the big things but never on the little things.  I use to wait till the last minute to do stuff but now I  am getting better with that .